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Our technology, clinical expertise and innovative approach to medical genetics mean that we deliver more useful results, to more patients and doctors, faster and cheaper than our competitors.

Faster results

Better results

Cheaper results

  • Clinically useful results on 60-70% of cases compared to industry standard of 35-45%

  • A full genome reading for pregnancy tests, compared to the standard 5 genes one

  • Choosing the right test (out of 75k) for each patient and their clinical history, thanks to our algorithm

  • Full support of a team of geneticists and specialist MDs for the most complicated cases 

  • Depending on the test, our technology allows us to save weeks or months vs. our competitors

  • For example, a full Exome sequencing with interpretation can take 6-9 months, we deliver it in 4-6 weeks

  • Integrating all the steps in the process with our technology means you have to see fewer specialists, and pay less

  • Because we don't make a profit on sequencing, we bring you many of the tests available on the market at cost

Contact Us


Phone: +39-055-674100


Genando s.r.l.

Via Mannelli 15r (interno 9r)


Aut.Comune di Firenze Provv. Dir.2019/DD/02831 del 05.04.2019

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