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Exome / Liquid biopsy

This test can be carried out on healthy or already diagnosed patients. It reveals all the know significant variants for predisposition to tumors in every organ.

For diagnosed patients, the test can help monitor the diseases and inform the response / reaction to treatment.


The test is normally carried out on bioptic tissue. Genando carries out the liquid biopsy also on circulating DNA 

Gene panels

These type of tests are helpful in cases of oncological screening when there is a known familial history.

It can also be used for targeting and personalising the therapy of diagnosed patients.

We analyse the genes that are known to be associated with cancers in a specific organ.

The exam is carried out on a blood sample and bioptic tissue. The results are available in 4 weeks. 

Foundation Medicine© tests

These innovative tests can recommend personalised therapies for certain cancers.

Genando offers it in conjunction with an exome on circulating DNA to provide a more complete results and clinical picture of the patient.

It is carried out on bioptic tissue and results are available in approximately 3 weeks. The results report includes a recommended personalised therapy or clinical trials in cases where no drug combination is available or known.

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