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Non Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)

A revolutionary test allowing us to get a picture of the baby's health without performing risky invasive tests.

NIPT is done in the 11th week of pregnancy and requires only a blood sample from the mother.

It is a very accurate test (0.1% false negative rate)​ and the results are available in 3-5 working days

Pre-natal Whole Exome Seq. (trio)

A very innovative test, useful for cases with suspected malformation after a scan. It can help get a diagnosis in cases where SNP/CGH array is negative or when there is family history of known diseases.

It is performed at any point during the pregnancy on chorionic villus or amniotic fluids. 

Genando's innovation is performing this test on free-DNA with maternal blood sample.

Clinical Exome sequencing

Used to search for the genetic causes of a complex phenotypical condition. Both before and after birth.

It requires an accurate description of the clinical history of the patient and family. The results reports the variants associated with the illness.

It is carried out on the patient and his / her parents from the 10th week of pregnancy. The results are available after 4 weeks.


This test is suitable for cases that have reported fetal anomalies during a scan.

It is performed on amniotic fluid or on chorionic villus from the 10th week of pregnancy. The results are available after 8 days.

Traditional karyotype on amniotic fluid, chorionic villus or abortive tissue

This first level exam is reccomended for cases of chromosomal anomaly.

It is performed from the 10th week of pregnancy. The results are available after 2-10 days, depending on the tissue being analysed.

SNP/CGH Array on abortive tissue

This test is recommended in case of a miscarriage or abortion. For which cases it is the test with the best diagnostic record. 

Genando performs this test on un-cultured tissue, thus avoiding the issues with culturing cells for the test. 

The results are available after 20 days.

Couple pre-conceptional test

Recommended to establish the genetic compatibility of the couple before conception. 

Genando performs a personalised risk calculation that reports the variants responsible for congenital defects and their hereditary risk based on the couple's genetic characteristics.

The exam is performed with blood draw from both parents. The results area available after 4 weeks.

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