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Our services

Our services are not for "fun". They won't tell you where your ancestors are from or whether you're an athlete.

But they will tell you if and how to target a disease, prevent one and live healthier. 

For this reason, we need your doctor to prescribe you a test and help you make an informed decision about what you need from your DNA.

  • Give you information on your susceptibility to certain diseases

  • Diagnose some diseases and chronic conditions

  • Help inform targeted therapies for many diseases, including some forms of cancer

  • Give suggestions on lifestyle choices or targeted clinical exams to help you prevent and anticipate diseases

What our tests will do for you

  • Predicting with certainty the onset of diseases 

  • Give you information that can be understood by somebody who is not a doctor

  • Give you a "fun" report that can be shared with friends and family

What our tests will NOT do for you

How do our tests work

Genetic tests provide information on all aspects of your life and are very helpful in preventing and curing certain diseases as well as improving your general health by making more informed choices. 

Once your doctor has sent us your sample, we will extract the DNA through chemical reactions and the sequence it with the latest technology.


Our experts will then read these results to provide your with a diagnosis and therapy recommendations. 

Privacy and security

Your DNA is yours. We encrypt it, anonymize it and keep it safe in our on-premise servers.

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