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Explore the power of our technology. 

Learn how each individual component works and how they come together to bring you the only end-to-end genetic service in the market.



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Genando Medical Genetics Platform

Our platform brings together all the steps required to go from genetic test selection to actionable clinical results. 

It also provides an easy to use interface for doctors, patients and geneticists to communicate, gather important data and access test results, reducing wait times by weeks or months.

Genando Logo.jpg

Consultation and test selection

Our patented algorithm helps patients and doctors choose the most appropriate genetic test from over 75k available in the market. 

This often means avoiding a formal in-person genetic consultation, allowing many more to access these important tests by lowering costs and wait times.

The process also gathers crucially important medical information that can be used during the interpretation and diagnosis phases, avoiding multiple visits, anxious phone calls and freeing up geneticists time.

DNA sequencing and analysis

We sequence the DNA using the latest technology in house but also partnering with some of the most advanced laboratories in Europe. 

We then analyse the results on our platform, with innovative tools that help us be faster and cheaper than our competitors. 

Clinical Interpretation

Leveraging our platform, our in-house geneticists bring together the clinical data provided by doctors and patients with DNA data to build a comprehensive clinical picture of the case. 

This all-encompassing approach means that 60-70% of our cases lead to a clinically useful result, compared to 35-45% for the market.

Therapy recommendation

From the clinically useful results, we leverage our network of specialists, hospitals and biotech companies to bring you, when available, personalised therapy options.


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